Application for 7th Dan and Above in BJA Judo

This is an interesting article on how dedicated the most senior Judoka in Britain with the British Judo Association (BJA) are.

It really is a lifetime of dedication, made up of talent, skill determination and much more.

The black belt changes to red and white at 6th dan to show the Japanese origins of Judo.

from the pdf on their website




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The following notes have been compiled in order to assist BJA judokas of 6th Dan and above in their application for 7th Dan and above and should be read in conjunction with the notes on the application form pages 1-6. These promotions are awarded by the EJU or IJF in accordance with the information detailed on the IJF application form and on the recommendation of the BJA Chairman.

1. Applicant should first read pages 1-6 of the application form.

2. Applicant should then complete pages 7 and 8 and digitally sign the application.

3. The category claimed (A, B C or D) must be in line with activity carried out since last promotion and is detailed on page 4.

4. All information that you supply is useful, but the BJA recommendation will largely be based on activity since last promotion. Therefore, it is important that the information on recent activity is on the application form with dates of that activity.

5. Applicant must ensure they are of the correct age in accordance with detail on page 5.

6. Any further information that you may feel is relevant can be supplied on a separate document or CV.

7. Kata requirements as stated on page 5 must be detailed on page 7. Proof must be supplied and this can be by certificates of course attendance or examination.

The completed application form should be saved in the same format (not converted to PDF) as there will additional information added by BJA. Application form should then be sent by e mail to National Promotions and Grading Manager – Dave Horton-Jones at

Receipt of application will be confirmed and after verification of the information supplied and that the criteria has been met, the application form will be passed to BJA High Grade review panel for recommendation to BJA Chairman. On BJA Chairman’s approval, the application form will be sent to EJU for validation. Applications for 8th Dan and above will then be forwarded by EJU to IJF.

Should the high grade review panel reject an application, the National Promotions and Gradings Manager will inform the applicant and provide feedback on reasons for rejection.

Dave Horton-Jones

National Promotions and Gradings manager

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