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New look website is here, loads of additional equipment that has been available offline for years will soon be on the website. See pictures below for a snapshot.

For many years we have offered the largest range of Judo Mats in the world, which includes genuine IJF Approved as well as IJF Type, complemented by Jigsaw Mats, Crash Mats, Wall & Post Padding etc.

Based on what our customers require and our own personal expertise, we are expanding our range to include martial arts, MMA, boxing, strength, fitness, cardio, gymnastics & sports equipment from brands such as Adidas, Exigo, Jordan, BH Fitness, Spirit and more, as well as rubber flooring.

Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Strength, Fitness, MMA, Boxing & Sports Equipment


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Suppliers and Installers of: Martial Arts Mats, Judo Mats, Jigsaw Mats, Crash Mats, Gym Mats, Wall & Post Padding, MMA, Fitness, Cardio, Weights, Boxing, Gymnastics, Trampolining and Sports Hall Equipment

Specials / Fit Outs of: Dojos, Control & Restraint / Physical Intervention Training Rooms, TV & Film Sets & Studios, Gyms, Weights and Fitness Areas, Sports Halls, Gymnastic Centres and many more

Supplying to: Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Sports & Leisure Clubs and Centres, Fitness Studios, Gyms, Stunt Performers, TV & Film Industry, Architects, Contractors, Local Authorities, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Police, Fire & Prison Services, Armed Forces, NHS, Health Care, Community & Activity Centres, YMCA & other charities, and many more

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