The feeling of our new Air Mats needs to be felt to be believed. The Air Mat is unlike any other product available and will help you and your cheerleaders / gymnasts push to that next level of training. The Air Mats are designed to give more rebound off hands and feet, they increase air time whilst reducing the strain put on joints whilst training.

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Air Mats work best when placed on top of a matted surface or sprung floor and this is how we recommend you use them. The Air Mats benefit from being light which makes them easy to move around the gym. Being inflatable the Air Mats can be deflated easily and packed away at the end of each session this also makes them very easy to transport should you wish to use them in different locations. Helping develop moves such as round offs, back handsprings and flicks the Air Mats also help to increase confidence. Air Mats are very versatile and a flexible piece of equipment which can be adjusted for small or large gymnasts. Inflate the Air Mat once and it stays inflated use after use. Covers are recommended for both protecting the Air Mat and they come with velcro attachments on all sides so Air Mats can be joined together to create a tumble run which is perfect for demos or shows. The Air Mats are fine to be used without a cover, but we have had some customers say that they had not been looked after when in storage if left inflated, often due to other users of the storeroom carelessly putting other equipment away, and if punctured they can’t be used! Each Air Mat comes with a hand pump. i.e. buy 3 Air Mats and you receive 3 hand pumps, so you can use and store Air Mats in different locations, without having to remember to take a pump with you. All Air Mats are 1.5m wide and 70mm thick.

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