• Pro Gym – Rubber Interlocking Jigsaw Mats

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    These are  super heavy duty interlocking floor mats due to the extra 4mm thickness, and are for use in gym areas. They are 16mm thick as opposed to most that are 12mm – an extra 33% thicker, giving much more floor protection and sound deadening. They have a jigsaw pattern to enable them to lock together, are made from high impact resistant rubber and are used for all types of commercial gyms and Olympic lifting floors.

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    They are specifically designed for use with weights, and for underneath equipment.

    These rubber jigsaw mats are black in colour, with dimensions of 500mm by 500mm and a depth of 16mm. Edges and edges with built in corner pieces are ramped and can be bought separately for a neat finish as well as reducing the area as a tripping hazard.

    £14.40 inc.VAT | £12.00 ex.VAT
  • Folding Lightweight Linking Gym MatsFolding Lightweight Linking Gym Mat with velcro on all four sides

    Folding Lightweight Linking Gym Mats

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    The Folding Lightweight Linking Gym Mats have a firm fitting sewn (not bonded) PVC Surface.

    Hook-and-loop fastener sewn into cover along the full length and full width for strength.

    Yellow, black, red, green, pink, blue.

    Folding into 4 sections for 8′ mats and 5 sections for 10′ mats to allow easy storage and transportation.

  • Club Wall Mats

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    Club Wall Mats have  a leather pattern PVC durable surface with excellent impact properties.

    These are used in martial arts, sports centres, and other venues where people might make contact with the wall.

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    They have 25mm loop fastener all the way around the perimeter on the rear of the pad and are supplied with 6m of the opposing 50mm wide hook fastener to attach to the wall.

    Easy to remove from wall when not required. They can be glued to a wall to prevent removal where this is required.

    Easy to wipe down and clean.

  • Ramp for Edge of Jigsaw Mat AreaRamp for Edge of Jigsaw Mat Area

    40mm Ramp / Sloping Edge for Interlocking Jigsaw Mats, Black

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    40mm Ramp / Sloping Edge for Jigsaw Mats tapers from 40mm to 4mm.

    Total width 200mm, comprising of 130mm at 40mm thick, 30mm interlocking between teeth, and 100 from edge of mat, and 70mm sloping down from 40mm to 4mm.

    There is a 30mm overlap where the teeth interlock, making the mat 170mm wider when an edge in place. If edging is on both sides of an area, it will make the length or width 340mm wider on both sides. If on all 4 sides, it will make the area 340mm longer and 340mm wider.


    £14.40 inc.VAT | £12.00 ex.VAT
  • Five different coloured rolls of Flexi Roll Out Mats

    Flex Roll Out Mats, Carpet

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    1.8m wide, 35mm thick, choice of blue, red, that are usually in stock, also available purple, black or grey.

    Very durable carpet surface.

    Lightweight and easy to handle, use and store.



  • Agility Tumbling Mats

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    These Agility Tumbling Mats are gym mats that can cover a large area, making them ideal for tumbling, rolling, acrobatics and general landing and gym activities.

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    They are constructed from medium density recycled chip foam and covered with a leather effect heavy duty flame resistant PVC fabric, have a reinforced latex anti-slip base, and heat welded corners for a longer lasting mat.

    These mats are 4ft wide and 2 inches deep, with the exception of our smallest mat, which has a width of 3ft. They are available in many lengths, up to 20ft.

  • Base on IJF Approved Judo MatMats used for Marrakech IJF Judo Grand Prix 2019

    IJF Approved Tatami Judo Mats

    5.00 out of 5

    IJF Approved Judo Mats  at 50mm thick can be used for IJF sanctioned international competitions as well as club use.

    40mm thick is a popular size on wooden floors for club and competition use.

    50mm and 60mm thick are popular for use on concrete floors.

    30mm thick mats are for junior use or striking arts where there is no falling or takedowns as opposed to throws or sweeps resulting in falls with a level of impact.

    conform to  European standard EN 12503-3

    Flame retardancy BS 1892:2.10 : 1999 (revised)

    This model of judo mat was used in the IJF Judo Grand Prix in Marrakech (Marrakesh), Morocco, March 2019.

  • Weight Lifter Pro – Interlocking Jigsaw – Rubber Gym Mats

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    1.8m x 1.2m x 17mm

    Quick installation of floor area with no need for bonding or gluing to the floor.

    Sloping edges and corners available to reduce tripping hazard and to give a neat finish.

    Good grip given by non slip surface.

    Please call the number above or use the Get In Touch tab below for a price.

    Ideal gym mat for weights area.


  • Midweight Blend Gym Mat

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    These mid-weight blend gym mats are constructed with 9lb high density recycled chip foam and lightweight polyethylene foam to keep the weight down but also keep the shock absorbancy of a Super Deluxe Gym Mat.

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    They area covered with a leather effect heavy duty flame resistant PVC fabric.

    Each gym mat has a reinforced latex anti-slip base and heat welded reinforced corners for a longer lasting mat.

    In addition to basic exercise and gym activities, these mats are perfect for nursery, primary and secondary schools as well as sports and leisure centres.

  • PVC Flex Roll Mat being rolled out

    Flex Roll Out Mats, PVC

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    PVC Flex Roll Out Mats with Tatami Pattern, 1.5m wide, 40mm thick, blue or black, 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m long or special sizes.

    Other colours available, subject to minimum quantities.

    See below for more details.

  • BJJ / MMA Wall Mats

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    Used in BJJ / MMA gyms and are often used in conjunction with BJJ / MMA Judo Mats.

    Very smooth surface, helps reduce friction burns.

    Extremely durable surface designed for heavy commercial use.


  • Combat Judo Mats

    5.00 out of 5

    Combat Judo Mats have a smooth pattern and a low friction surface to aid movement on the mat. The mat surface is made from extra heavy duty PVC with a polyester back. They can be used with bare feet, heavy footwear or weapons. They are also suitable for riot training and used by the police, armed forces and prison service.

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    Ideal for all martial arts, and self defence training under tough environments. Designed to take hard wear and tear from weapons, shoes, gloves, fitness equipment etc. Suitable for commercial environments where footwear, gloves and weapons are used. These mats are used by commercial martial arts centres and for police and armed forces training.

    We recommend 2m x 1m  mats as opposed to 1m x 1m  mats for training and competition martial arts use, as double the weight improves their anti-slip properties, and they are cheaper per square m than 1m x 1m mats.