• Blue Side of Tatami Jigsaw Mats

    40mm Tatami Jigsaw Mats

    5.00 out of 5

    £26.90 + VAT = £32.28 including VAT

    Dimensions: 1m x 1m x 40mm
    Colour: blue and yellow or blue and red or red and green

    Traditional Tatami finish

    Designed for commercial use for martial arts and sports centres

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    Long Life due to:

    Tough top surface allowing training shoes & boots to be worn

    Very durable EVA High Density Foam

    High tear resistance and curved links which eliminate stress points


    Easy to assemble and clean

    Reversible making it easy to mark training / competing area

    Complete border edging included with every mat for all sides and corners

    Water Proof

    Easy to expand your floor when needed

    Hardness: 45 Degrees (Shore C) for Standard, softer 35 Degrees (Shore C) for Tatami pattern.

    Density: 120kg/m

  • Ramp for Edge of Jigsaw Mat AreaRamp for Edge of Jigsaw Mat Area

    40mm Ramp / Sloping Edge for Interlocking Jigsaw Mats, Black

    0 out of 5

    40mm Ramp / Sloping Edge for Jigsaw Mats tapers from 40mm to 4mm.

    Total width 200mm, comprising of 130mm at 40mm thick, 30mm interlocking between teeth, and 100 from edge of mat, and 70mm sloping down from 40mm to 4mm.

    There is a 30mm overlap where the teeth interlock, making the mat 170mm wider when an edge in place. If edging is on both sides of an area, it will make the length or width 340mm wider on both sides. If on all 4 sides, it will make the area 340mm longer and 340mm wider.


    £14.40 inc.VAT | £12.00 ex.VAT
  • PVC Flex Roll Mat being rolled outRoll Out Mats in Sports hall

    Flex Roll Out Mats, PVC

    0 out of 5

    PVC Flex Roll Out Mats with Tatami and Smooth Pattern, 1.5m wide, 40mm thick, various colours, 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m long or special sizes.

    Other colours available, subject to minimum quantities.

    See below for more details.

  • Corner Ramp2 Ramped Edges and Corner on Jigsaw Mat

    40mm Ramp / Sloping Corner for Interlocking Jigsaw Mats, Black

    0 out of 5

    Only available in black.

    Fits both tatami and standard pattern 40mm interlocking jigsaw mats that have the curvilinear tooth profile.

    Does not fit green / red 40mm Deluxe Interlocking Floor Mats, that have a different tooth profile.


    £9.90 inc.VAT | £8.25 ex.VAT