• BJJ / MMA Wall Mats

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    Used in BJJ / MMA gyms and are often used in conjunction with BJJ / MMA Judo Mats.

    Very smooth surface, helps reduce friction burns.

    Extremely durable surface designed for heavy commercial use.


  • Combat Wall Mats

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    They are used where regular and / or high impact contact will be made with the wall and high wear resistance is required.

    Suitable for all training environments including riot training and weapons training.

    They are a good compliment to Combat Judo Mats.

  • MMA Cage Prices 2MMA Cage Prices 1

    MMA Cages Price List

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    MMA Cages Price List for easy comparison of over 80 MMA Cage configurations.

    Delivery and install extra, please contact us for a price.

  • Dojo in royal blue using Flexi-Connect Flexi-Roll MatsClose up showing velcro connecting system, called Flexi-Connect, for Dollamur Flexi-Roll

    Dollamur Martial Arts Flexi-Roll® Mats with Flexi-Connect®

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    Dollamur Martial Arts Flexi-Roll® Mats with Flexi-Connect®

    See below for colours normally in stock.

    1.8m wide, length up to 12m, up to 20m made to order.

    see below for more details

  • Octagon Shaped MMA Floor Cage

    MMA Floor Cage

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    These MMA floor cages are available in a variety of sizes, from 10ft to 24ft diameter. measurement is across cage (not diagonal).

    Please press the read more button below for the various sizes & price details.

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    FLOOR CAGES (must be fitted on to concrete floor)

    10ft – £3402.00

    12ft – £3962.00

    14ft – £4802.00

    16ft – £5222.00

    18ft – £5572.00

    20ft – £5845.00

    22ft – £6202.00

    24ft – £6475.00

  • Square Posts

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    Our standard height for padding posts is 2m and available with a thickness of 50mm or 75mm to fit around posts of any size.

    We need the size of the post so we can manufacture to suit it.

    We can make different heights and thicknesses as required.