Post Padding is designed to protect people from collisions with posts, whether it be a mild loss of balance or a high speed impact.

We make them from various thicknesses of foam to absorb anything from light to heavy impacts, and generally 2m high so even really tall people don’t bash their heads.

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They have either a hook and loop fastening for ease of fitting and can be made to fit any dimension or shape of post. Square or rectangular post padding can be made in 4 sections and glued to the post.

The most common sizes and shapes (square and round) we have prices for on the website, and you can order online. Sizes are up to, so in the section for leaving notes, please leave the exact dimensions of the post(s).

The covers are available in several colours.

We often manufacture to non standard sizes in terms of shape and dimensions, so if that’s your posts, then please email us at for a no obligation quote.

  • Round Post Padding

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    We manufacture Round Post / Pillar / Column Protection Padding to suit the posts you have.

    Prices for some standard circumferences (diameters) at 2m high and 2″ or 3″ thick that can be ordered online are below.

    Please email with the sizes you require if not listed below.

    We can manufacture to different heights, diameters / circumferences, thicknesses, and colours.

  • Square Posts

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    Our standard height for padding posts is 2m and available with a thickness of 50mm or 75mm to fit around posts of any size.

    We need the size of the post so we can manufacture to suit it.

    We can make different heights and thicknesses as required.