Wall Padding is used to enable people to train more safely by protecting them against the hardness and roughness of a wall, allowing more realistic training in self defence, MMA, control and restraint / physical intervention, riot training and general martial arts.

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There are numerous situations where where Wall Pads / Mats are required from accidental light and occasional contact with the wall to intentional heavy and regular contact such as in riot training, which is why we offer 9 variations online for martial arts use and 6 variations for Calming Rooms and Outdoor Use.

We regularly make specials to peoples requirements, which include but are not limited to:

– different colours than those offered from the standard range for each of the 3 different surface patterns,
– different sizes from regular shapes to cut outs around light switches, sockets, windows etc.
– different methods of fitting from our standard velcro system, including bonding (gluing), channel system, bolting

2m x 1m x 30mm panels with velcro backing to attach to the wall and leather look pvc finish are competitively priced and suit most environments. Exceptions are riot training and similar, where we recommend 50mm thick and extra heavy duty pvc that are used in the Combat Wall Pads / Mats range. Heavy-duty lightweight panels for maximum protection . Bonded cover for neatness, and ease of wiping down / cleaning. Can be glued to walls as well as floor mats being glued to the floor when preferable in certain environments. Large choice of colours, patterns and strengths of pvc cover: (others available as specials) Club Wall Pad/Mat: Blue / Red / Black – Leather pattern PVC Tatami Wall Pad/Mat: Green / Red – Tatami Pattern PVC Combat Wall Pad/Mat :Green / Red / Blue / Yellow / Black / Orange – Extra Tough Heavy Duty Smooth PVC

BJJ / MMA Wall Mats (Wall Pads / Wall Padding)  have a smooth finish for reduced friction burn, and are extremely durable.

Standard Thickness 30mm. 40mm, 50mm, 60mm and 20mm also available.

Velcro attached to panels that allows easy fitting and removal to velcro covered battens or self-adhesive velcro attached to the wall (dependant on wall surface)
Hardboard backed panels that are fixed to the wall to prevent removal e.g. in special needs environments Excellent impact properties, 30mm thick generally used in Dojos and Physical Intervention (control and restraint) training rooms.

Standard sizes or made-to-measure. Standard sizes 2m x 1m , 1.83m x 1.22m (6’ x 4’), 2.44m x 1.22m (8’ x 4’) We can work from accurate and final drawings We can advise what type of fixing method would be best when you email photos of the walls Photos also help with close ups for intricate detail, e.g. around light switches, handles etc Our Technicians can visit your site and advise accordingly if drawings and photos not sufficient We also fit studded walls and undertake other construction work too Our outside corner panels are made as a folding unit – 2 half panel widths so there is no join and no risk of movement to expose the hard corner behind. Special sizes are made for in-fill panels, corner units and to go around objects like light switches.

We also manufacture wall mats / wall padding made from denser foam that is suitable for bonding / gluing to the wall. This is made from foam like that in judo mats, but not as dense as people will not hit the wall with the same impact that is endured from a heavy hip throw or maki komi, and people are more likely to impact with their shoulder and not land as they would with a throw, so need a softer foam as it is a less intense impact that needs softer cushioning.

All wall padding / wall mats are:
Manufactured in the UK in accordance with BS EN 12503 parts 3-7 (2001)
Flame Retardant and independently tested to BS 1892-3: 2003

  • Club Wall Mats

    0 out of 5

    Club Wall Mats have  a leather pattern PVC durable surface with excellent impact properties.

    These are used in martial arts, sports centres, and other venues where people might make contact with the wall.

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    They have 25mm loop fastener all the way around the perimeter on the rear of the pad and are supplied with 6m of the opposing 50mm wide hook fastener to attach to the wall.

    Easy to remove from wall when not required. They can be glued to a wall to prevent removal where this is required.

    Easy to wipe down and clean.

  • BJJ / MMA Wall Mats

    0 out of 5

    Used in BJJ / MMA gyms and are often used in conjunction with BJJ / MMA Judo Mats.

    Very smooth surface, helps reduce friction burns.

    Extremely durable surface designed for heavy commercial use.


  • Tatami Wall Mats

    0 out of 5

    Available in green, red, blue, yellow, black. Other colours available on request.

    Standard size is 2m x 1m, we can also manufacture any other size, please ask for a quote.

    30mm thickness is sufficient for most scenarios of protection against the wall. Consider 40mm thick if people will be colliding with them as part of training, and consider 50mm if you intend to slam people into the wall with some force.

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    Made with a rigid lightweight foam to prevent them from folding under their own weight which enables them to stay flat against the wall.

    Bonded covers for a neat clean looking finish.

    Easy wipe down surface.

  • Combat Wall Mats

    0 out of 5

    They are used where regular and / or high impact contact will be made with the wall and high wear resistance is required.

    Suitable for all training environments including riot training and weapons training.

    They are a good compliment to Combat Judo Mats.