40mm Ramp / Sloping Edge for Interlocking Jigsaw Mats, Black

40mm Ramp / Sloping Edge for Jigsaw Mats tapers from 40mm to 4mm.

Total width 200mm, comprising of 130mm at 40mm thick, 30mm interlocking between teeth, and 100 from edge of mat, and 70mm sloping down from 40mm to 4mm.

There is a 30mm overlap where the teeth interlock, making the mat 170mm wider when an edge in place. If edging is on both sides of an area, it will make the length or width 340mm wider on both sides. If on all 4 sides, it will make the area 340mm longer and 340mm wider.


£14.40 inc.VAT | £12.00 ex.VAT

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Only available in black.

Fits both tatami and standard pattern 40mm interlocking jigsaw mats that have the curvilinear tooth profile.

Does not fit green / red 40mm Deluxe Interlocking Floor Mats, that have a different tooth profile.

Please note there are 2 teeth profiles for the Ramp/ Sloping Edge, depending on which side of the mat the Ramp / Sloping Edge is for. Please email pictures to sales@martialartsmats.co.uk of the mat edges where you want the Ramp / Sloping Edge to fit to your mats to make sure we send you the correct ones.

The differences are the bottom left and bottom right of the 2 Ramp/ Sloping Edge pieces. See the picture below.

Ramp for Edge of Jigsaw Mat Area

For edge of jigsaw mat area from 4mm to height of mat.


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