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Dollamur Martial Arts Flexi-Roll® mats with Flexi-Connect® and without for taping.

Colours usually in stock in the 4cm (40mm) thick Flexi-Connect® tatami surface pattern are royal blue, red and dark grey.

Colours usually in stock in the 4cm (40mm) thick Flexi-Connect® smooth surface pattern are royal blue, red, and black.

Colours usually in stock in 3cm (30mm) thick without Flexi-Connect® smooth surface pattern in light grey. Used for fitness or light training areas and wall padding.

1.8m wide, length up to 12m. Mats can be made up to 20m long or any length by joining with Flexi-Connect® at the ends of the rolls.

We can custom any room and build any mat size in 3, 4 or 5cm thicknesses.

We have the following colours in tatami pattern and smooth pattern.

Colour choices

Dollamur PVC Flexi-Roll Colour Options

The new MULTISPORT rolling mats, suitable for all your surfaces and all your uses


Turn any room into a combat sport or gymnastics surface in just a few minutes. Easy to store and user-friendly, the Flexi-Roll mats is the perfect solution for your events and the management of your gym.

  • Easy to set up, disassemble and store
  • 1 Position – 2 Unroll – 3 Connect – 4 Use
  • A stable and unvarying surface developed for these discplines
  • Sized to your measurements and customizable to your colours, and your logos can be printed on to the mat

It only takes A FEW MINUTES to set up. Roll out, Flexi-Connect and go!

Flexi-Roll® and Flexi-Connect®, are concepts resulting from years of Research & Development in order to perfectly suit the practice of combat sports, gymnastics, cheerleading and other sports.

The advantage of its weight, 4 times lighter than a regular tatami, makes handling, setting up, taking down and transporting easy while keeping the characteristics required by the EU directives regarding CE marking.

Flexi-Roll is approved by the competent authority and complying with standard EN 12503-3. (important for cities, town halls, schools).

Flexi-Connect is THE innovative fixation system. In order to ensure an intensive practice such as a competition, Flexi-Connect allows you to join the rolls together. The 2 systems are patented and have been subjected to many tests to get the approval for the most prestigious competitions.

– High quality made in the US.
– Invisible and patented Flexi-Connect. This innovation is the key of the Dollamur mats.
It enables to train in shared spaces, no need to have a dedicated gym to practice martial arts, gymnastics, school activities, easy and quick set -up.
– 5 years warranty.
– References: Gracie Barra gyms, North American Grappling Association etc.

Dollamur is an approved mat supplier by the IJF, and we also supply the IJF approved Dollamur Flexi-Roll Mat with Flexi-Connect that can be used for Official IJF competitions. These mats are very hard, and not generally used for club training.

We also supply Dollamur’s official UWW mat for wrestling.

Use the freephone number at the top of this page, or use the contact form below with your requirements for a quote or any other information.



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