Round Post Padding

We manufacture Round Post / Pillar / Column Protection Padding to suit the posts you have.

Prices for some standard circumferences (diameters) at 2m high and 2″ or 3″ thick that can be ordered online are below.

Please email with the sizes you require if not listed below.

We can manufacture to different heights, diameters / circumferences, thicknesses, and colours.


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The Round Post / Round Pillar / Round Column, Protection Pads are manufactured from heavy duty pvc and quality foam, that will absorb impacts and protect people that collide with them.

2″ (50mm) thick is generally used for light impacts, 3 ” (75mm) thick for heavier impacts.

Used in sports halls, dojos, multi use rooms, activity areas, school halls, gyms, gymnasiums and wherever sports, fitness or other physical activities are being played.

These pads are easy to fit with 2″ (50mm) wide hook-and-loop fastener along the height of them.

Installing the padding can help prevent injuries when people collide with the post, as the foam absorbs the collision.

Installation is very easy and can be done in minutes as no tools or skills are required, just simply hook-and-loop fastener the ends together where they meet.

The pvc exterior is wipe clean and the padding can be used indoors or outdoors.

Most applications suit 2m high padding as this also reduces potential head injuries.

Standard colours are blue, red, yellow, green, orange and black. Different colours are available at extra cost due to small quantity orders of the pvc.

When ordering post padding it is important to order the correct shape, either round / square / rectangular for a good fit.

When ordering, please make sure you measure the circumference of the round post, by wrapping a fabric, plastic, or flexible metal tape measure around it. If emailing us for a quote on a size not listed on our drop down i.e. unable to order online, then please measure around the post and email with the circumference.

The diameter can be calculated by dividing the circumference by pi (3.14). If you prefer to email the diameter of the round post, then please state it is the diameter and also give the circumference to avoid confusion i.e. if we are just given a figure of 300mm, it could be the approximate circumference of a round post with a diameter of 100mm, or it could be the diameter of a large post.

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Blue, Red, Black, Green, Yellow, Orange

Circ (dia)

360 (115)mm, 470 (150)mm, 630 (200)mm, 940 (300)mm


50mm, 75mm


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