Square Posts

Our standard height for padding posts is 2m and available with a thickness of 50mm or 75mm to fit around posts of any size.

We need the size of the post so we can manufacture to suit it.

We can make different heights and thicknesses as required.

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We can manufacture post padding that has a bonded flush front face, where the foam is glued to the pvc cover, or we can make as a one piece post pad with a sewn cover, which wraps around the post and attaches to itself up the length of it. The sewn cover does not have a completely flush surface, it does have ripples like the cover of a crash mat.

The padding with a flush finish is made in 4 pieces, one for each side of the post, and can be manufactured to attach by hook and loop fastening system or bonded to the post.

For the hook and loop fastening system the hook is either stapled into the post if it has a surface that will accept staples, such as wood or plasterboard, or if not, such as brick, then wooden strips will need to be screwed into the post so the hook can be stapled to it, and the loop that is bonded on to the back of the post pad will attach to it.

Please call the number above or email sales@martialartsmats.co.uk with your requirements so we can send you a quote.


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