Super 60 Heavy Duty Mat Trolley

Ideal for storing and transporting up to 60  2m x 1m x 40mm mats or 120  1m x 1m x 40mm mats.
The trolley helps keep them flat, and prevents them from scuffing and delaminating caused by dragging and flexing.
Turntable handle and 8″ wheels for ease of moving.

Reduces manual handling of heavy mats.

12mm plywood base with supporting metal structure underneath.



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Can fit 40  40mm thick mats on the trolley through a standard 2m doorway. The trolley is designed to take the weight of 60. If more than 40 are required to be stored on it in a storeroom that has a 2m doorway, then any quantity over 40 will have to be taken off the trolley and put back on once the trolley has gone through the door.



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Base Size

2m x 1m, 2m x 1.2m


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